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Blood Bought Ministries Logogram without Text

Logo Design for Blood Bought Ministries

Blood Bought Ministries is active on YouTube. Visit them here.

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Black and White version of the logo

Logo Design for Parow Baptist Church

Our local church wanted a logo to show that they are a Word-based church, with Jesus at the center. They also wanted the logo to show geographically where they are located - hence the inclusion of Table Mountain, which can be clearly seen from Parow where the church is located.

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General layout guidelines for sections and typography for Revolution Music's brand identity as it pertains to web design

Revolution Music

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Originally, the client did not want any type of pink in the brand color scheme, although she expressed a preference for black to be present. After initial tests with greens and blues for serenity, the designer was able to gather from the client's feedback that she preferred a color scheme based on reds, without the client being aware of it herself. Once this color scheme was presented, the client found it perfect. The color scheme creates a good juxtaposition between strength (black) and care / passion (red and light-red)

Brand Identity for Elna Pretorius Therapist

The client wanted a basic brand identity reflecting the core values of her therapy business: relationships and emotional healing. Her immediate needs were a logo, a business card, a letterhead and an invoice template. Later she also requested the development of a basic website.

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The client wanted an x-logo composition. Elements had to be carefully designed and balanced.

Brand Identity for Juan Van Wyk

The client wanted his logo to illustrate his bold and unique personality. His vision for his logo was to be different from what one would expect a ‘typical’ clinical psychologist’s branding to look like. He also wanted the logo to illustrate the two diverse techniques in which he specializes: heart-centered therapy and neurological brain processing. Although these two disciplines seem diverse, they work together to create wholeness and healing in his clients.

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Poster designed for use in promotional videos and expo booths

Brand Identity for Cape Debt Clinic

We are working with Cape Debt Clinic on an ongoing basis doing brand identity consulting, graphic design and curation of visual brand assets. This client wants their brand to reflect a hopeful attitude and the promise of growth. The brand needs to reflect a calm attitude towards potential clients, who are often in a state of distress when looking up this type of service.

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Logo design with colors and elements for Frollino's Coffee

Rebrand for Frollino's Coffee

The client, Frollino’s Coffee, wanted their rebrand to be fresh and modern with a DIY feel. The logo needed to remain appealing to the older, established clientele, as well as make a statement to draw in a younger crowd, many of whom are students in the area.

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Business Card for Cameron Consulting

Brand Identity for Cameron Consulting

The core values of the client’s brand are transparency, good communication, balance, structure, order, integrity and giving. The client liked the idea of an arrow head as a visual component in her logo, because it is symbolic of being direct and streamlined. Below we illustrate how we evolved this concept from literal to abstract.

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