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If you are a small business, there is no reason why you should pay the same website overheads required by large businesses. This article explores your options.

How to spend as little as possible on a small business website: Options for Local and Global Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, individuals and small companies all know the struggle: trying to grow and become known in a harsh economic climate. Here in South Africa, starting small is even harder when you don’t have a large amount of capital backing you. The economy is rough – unemployment rates are higher than ever – and businesses are suffering because they cannot charge what their work is worth: nobody can afford to pay.

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How do you develop your product or service and look good doing it? In this article, we will look at overcoming three typical branding challenges faced by small businesses and start-up teams, and how good graphic designers can help.

Solutions to small and startup business branding obstacles

When you are small business just starting out, you have to spend your money and time on what matters most for the growth of your brand. Your goal is to spend every limited resource as wisely as possible to increase your business impact and reach. How do you decide what is important, and how do you prioritize skills within your team? How do you develop your product or service and look good doing it?

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Learn about specially tailored brand narrative. These tips provide a good foundation from which to build your audience engagement.

Tips for Effective Brand Identity

As a business owner or marketing manager, you might be asking what your brand can do to make itself as relatable as possible to the audience you wish to reach. Cultivating a brand identity that resonates with your audience requires more than just technically skilled design. Although we can never detract from the importance of technical design skill, empathy and research are an essential addition to technical skill where it comes to creating the most effective identity for your brand.

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